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Cool Loaf Soap with Geometric Shapes
Michaels Arts and Crafts Store

Duplicate the sliced loaf soaps available in high priced boutiques for a fraction of the cost.
With Delta's Soap Creation products you can customize the scent and colors to suit your home décor.

Approx. Crafting Time: 2 hours plus cooling time

Materials List

Soap Creations Melt & Pour Coconut Oil Soap, Alabaster White
Soap Creations Melt & Pour Glycerin Soap, Amethyst
Soap Creations Melt & Pour Glycerin Soap, Aquamarine
Soap Creations Melt & Pour Glycerin Soap, Crystal Clear
Soap Creations Melt & Pour Glycerin Soap, Emerald
Soap Creations No-Tip Molds Basic Shapes, Loaf Mold
Soap Creations No-Tip Molds Small Shapes, Geometric Shapes
Soap Creations Sparkling Accents, Iridescent Glitter

Around the House:
Craft stick
Measuring cup, microwave-safe
Microwave oven
Plastic bag
Rubbing alcohol

Cost of each project will vary depending on materials used.


Cut Alabaster soap in half, cut one half into ½-inch cubes and put into glass cup. Microwave on high for 20 seconds then 5 seconds till melted. Do not boil, if boiled - swirl in container until slightly cooled. Pour into Geometric Shapes mold. Let cool then pop out. Repeat 4 times.

Cut half of the Emerald, Aquamarine and Amethyst soap into ½-inch cubes.

Place cubes and geometric shapes in a plastic bag and toss to mix well. Pour in Loaf mold to fill the mold.

Melt the Crystal Clear soap. When it has melted stir in Iridescent Glitter and stir with craft stick. Spray the soap in the loaf mold with alcohol and immediately pour the Crystal Clear Soap over the shapes and cubes in the loaf mold.

Allow the soap to cool and pop out of the mold. Cut slices and wrap in plastic wrap until ready to use or give as a gift.