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Watermelon Soap and Candle
Michaels Arts and Crafts Store

These unique goodies look good enough to eat! Make this watermelon set to freshen up a kitchen or bathroom.

Approx. Crafting Time: 2 hours plus drying time

Materials List

Candle and Soap Colors, Black
Candle and Soap Colors, Bright Green
Candle and Soap Colors, Deep Green
Candle and Soap Colors, Red
Candle and Soap Colors, Varnish
Candle and Soap Colors, White

Your Choice Of:
Candle, pillar
Paintbrush, No. 3 round
Paintbrush, liner
Soap, bar
Sponge wedges

Around the House:
Disposable plates
Paper towels

Cost of each project will vary depending on materials used.


Wipe soap and candle with soft cloth. Apply a coat of varnish to the surface of the candle and soap to be painted. Allow the varnish to dry.

Pour out a puddle of Red on the palette. Dip a sponge into the paint and with an up and down pouncing motion paint the top 2/3 of the candle. Apply a second coat as needed after the first coat has dried. Paint the top of the bar of soap Red.

With a clean sponge, paint a ½-inch stripe of White next to the red on the candle and soap. Paint the remainder of the candle and side of the soap Bright Green. After it has dried paint stripes in Deep Green with the edge of the sponge.

Paint wavy Bright Green lines between the green stripes in Bright Green.

Paint wavy White lines with the liner brush on both sides of the white stripe.

Paint the seeds in a teardrop shape in Black with the round brush. Add a white highlight line with the liner brush and White.

After all the paint has dried varnish the painted surfaces.