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Glitzy Heart Pin
Michaels Arts and Crafts Store

This Valentine's Day, put on the glitz and let your love sparkle.

Approx. Crafting Time: ½ hour

Materials List

Crafting Expressions
Pearl Cabochons, assorted sizes
Rhinestones, Red, assorted sizes

Mark Enterprises
Mrs. Glue

Sulyn Industries
Magik Glitter, Red

Your Choice Of:
Acrylic paint, white
Heart, wooden
Pin back
Sequins, red, heart-shaped

Around the House:
Disposable plates
Paper towels

Cost of each project will vary depending on materials used.


Cover work area with newspaper. Pour a little bit of white paint on the disposable plate.

Using the paintbrush, paint the wooden heart white. Let dry.

Using Mrs. Glue adhesive, glue rhinestones and pearl cabochons onto the wooden heart.

In areas where wood is showing, glue heart sequins using Mrs. Glue.

When rhinestones, pearls, and sequins are dry, trace the edge of the heart with red glitter glue.

When the glitter glue is dry, attach pin back to undecorated side of the wooden heart.