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Valentine Kisses Candy Pot
Michaels Arts and Crafts Store

Create this whimsical candy container in minutes using Plastifoam balls and an ordinary flower pot.
A pre-made ribbon bow are the curly locks for this Valentine sweetie!

Approx. Crafting Time: 30 minutes

Materials List:

Craf-T Products
Decorating Chalk, Pink

Americana® Acrylics, Baby Pink
Americana® Acrylics, Flesh Tone
Americana® Acrylics, Titanium White
Americana® Acrylics, True Red

Lara's® Crafts
Heart, 1¾-inch
Hearts, ¾-inch , 7

Brush Tub II®
Comfort Handle Paintbrush, No. 3370, No. 10/0 Liner
Comfort Handle Paintbrush, No. 3550, 1-inch Wash
Sea Wool Sponge

Syndicate Sales, Inc.
Plastifoam Ball, 1½-inch
Plastifoam Ball, 2-inch

Your Choice Of:
Candy kisses or similar candy
Clay pot, 4 inch
Curly ribbon bow, red/white
Glue gun, lo-temp
Glue sticks, lo-temp
Paper krinkle, red
Scissors, straightedged
Wiggle eyes, 4 mm , 2

Around the House:
Disposable plates
Knife, serrated
Paper towels

Cost of each project will vary depending on materials used.

Using the serrated knife, cut the 1½-inch Plastifoam ball in half. Paint the 2-inch ball and the 1½-inch ball halves Flesh Tone. Let dry.

Paint the rose pot Baby Pink. Sponge Titanium White on the rim and at the center front of the pot.

Paint the wood hearts True Red. When dry, paint “Be Mine” on the large heart with Titanium White.

Glue wiggle eyes on the head, then rub the cheeks with Pink chalk. Paint the mouth with True Red.

Glue the small True Red hearts around the pot rim. Glue the large heart at the center of the pot.

Glue the two ball halves (hands) at each side of the heart.

Press the head onto the pot rim. Remove the head, apply lo-temp glue to the rim, then press the head back in place.

Remove the self-stick paper backing from the bow. Use lo-temp glue to apply the bow to the top of the girl's head. Distribute and glue the spiral curls of the ribbon around the head.