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Making the foundation chain

Almost every crochet project begins with a foundation chain. The stitches look like a chain, therefore the name. You will build row upon row of stitches on this foundation chain.

First, make a slip knot. Then hold the yarn as shown for a yarn over. With the hook in front, yarn over and bring the hook under
and up to catch the yarn. (D27)


Turn the hook so it faces downward, slide it through the original loop, and bring the yarn with it. (D28)     


You have just made one chain stitch! Practice this technique until you can make them fluidly and evenly. Count the stitches as shown in the illustration below. Never count the loop around the hook as a stitch. (D30)


Crochet Lessons ©1997 Crochet Guild of America, Diagrams ©1990 TNNA